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Aurora Enterprise is supplying all kinds of brand and clone computer for Home & Office use. We are supplying different type of Desktop Computers having different configuration according to the customer's choices or needs. We are also supplying Laptop computers with different configurations according the customer's choices with different colors and styles. We can supply you the world renowned brand like HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Lenovo, Accer, Asus, Sony Vio, Fujitsu etc. Besides the brand and non-brand computers we can supply you all kinds of computer accessories and consumables. For the following item of accessories please phone us now:

  1. Hard Disk/Portable external Hard Disc
  2. Mother Board/Processor
  3. CD/DVD/Combo Drive
  4. Flash Drive/Pen Drive
  5. External CD/DVD Driver
  6. CD/DVD/Memory Card
  7. Keyboard/Mouse/Mouse Pad
  8. Wired/Wireless Head Phone
  9. Multimedia System
  10. Laptop Cooler/Bag for Laptop
  11. RAM/Graphics Card
  12. ATX Casing
  13. Sound system with woofer
  14. Ink Jet/LaserJet/Dot Printer
  15. Cartridge/Toner/Refill
  16. USB Hub/Switch
  17. Networking elements
  18. CD Case or CD Bag
  19. Computer Table
  20. Anti Virus Software
  21. Scanner
  22. Web Cam
  23. Offline/Online UPS
  24. Voltage Stabilizer
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